Proficiency Beyond Traditional Assessments

Capture Proficiency Beyond Traditional Assessments

Make students’ thinking visible and glean actionable insights to keep learning moving forward.

Students show what they know

Developmentally-appropriate multimodal learning tools make visible what students actually know, beyond what’s captured by traditional assessment.


Portfolio-based assessment

Portfolio-based assessment captures evidence of student growth over time.


Audio and screen recording lets students explain their thinking.

Keep everyone in the loop

Keep everyone in the loop. Connect all adults invested in a student’s growth to celebrate and support them along their learning journey.

Students using Seesaw

96.3% of Teachers Find Seesaw Helpful for Assessing Students’ Learning Proficiency Toward Academic Standards

Quickly gauge understanding with auto-graded questions

Quickly gauge understanding with auto-graded questions

  • Combine the time savings of auto-grading with the power of multimodal tools to get deeper insights into student learning to target support and guide instruction.
  • Questions grow with students, from intuitive drag & drop format for younger learners to multiple choice format for upper elementary.
  • Practice mode provides students with instant feedback to guide independent work.
  • Use the Find Questions tool to search for questions on a variety of educational topics.

Learning insights that support data-driven decisions

Simplify data-informed and differentiated instruction with tools to monitor and assess student progress towards standards.



Formative assessment reports group students by correct, incorrect, and no response to quickly evaluate classroom understanding.



Progress dashboard provides formative assessment scores, activity completion, and proficiency ratings, all shown in a single view.

Student Responses

Student Responses

Uncover misconceptions by clicking into student responses.

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We’re using Seesaw’s creative tools to assess decoding and reading skills. The activities in our district library are great assessment opportunities for our kids.

Amanda Sharshel, Executive Director Elementary Curriculum & Instruction

Flexible Assessments for All Students

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