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Capturing Authentic Evidence of Learning with Seesaw

Educators across Canada will share ways to promote active learning and student ownership.

Trusted and loved by 590,000+ educators, students, and families in Canada, Seesaw offers a suite of award-winning tools, resources, and curriculum solutions with interactive lessons, digital portfolios, and two-way communication features that provide continuous visibility into students’ learning journey from Jr. Kindergarten through Grade 6.

In the learning loop

Digital Portfolios

Track growth year-over-year with Seesaw’s digital portfolios. Demonstrate proficiency beyond traditional assessments and help support parent-teacher conferences.

Digital Portfolio
Multimodal Tools

Multimodal Learning

Seesaw fosters creative expression and the ability for students to show what they know. With a variety of activity options – including audio, video, annotation, and text – students of all ages and abilities are empowered to collaborate with their peers, build and reflect on their knowledge, and share their work in meaningful ways.

Assessment & Insights

Teachers and education leaders gain deep insights through class, school, and district dashboards which provide formative assessment scores, activity completion and proficiency ratings – all in a single view.

  • Capture evidence of learning
  • Measure student growth over time
  • Inform differentiated instruction
Family Engagement

Family Engagement

Seesaw provides meaningful connections between families and the classroom, allowing family members to view student work on any device and celebrate their child’s learning. Easily share lessons, activities and events with your school families in over 100 languages.


Privacy and Security are our top priorities. At Seesaw, we:

  • Use security and encryption best practices to safeguard personal data, including regular third party security audits
  • Are transparent about how we collect and handle personal data
  • Never sell your data or advertise third party products in Seesaw
  • Don’t own the content you create in Seesaw, and student work is private by default
  • Comply with Canadian privacy laws like PEPIDA and MFIPPA.
Resource Library

Lessons aligned to Standards and Curriculum across Canada

The Seesaw Library is filled with Junior Kindergarten through to Grade 6 lessons to support core instruction, acceleration, remediation and differentiated learning. Ready-to-teach lessons built with Seesaw’s engaging multimodal learning tools help educators deliver evidence-based, standards-aligned instruction for each Provincial curriculum standards.

Seesaw Resources

Learn how Educators in Canada are Finding Success with Seesaw

“Seesaw digital portfolios are a wonderful snapshot of students’ learning. By posting work and reflections weekly students are able to share their learning with their families. Seesaw is an effective way of ensuring families are continually aware of the students’ progress.”

– Heather T, teacher, British Columbia

“Seesaw creates an opportunity to deliver instruction that covers a multitude of learning styles and preferences while delivering high-quality content.”

-Teagan R, Vice Principal, Saskatchewan

“Avec l’engagement familial, les parents de mes élèves de 5 ans ont toujours hâte de voir les travaux et les photos des réalisations de leur enfant. J’utilise régulièrement la vidéo afin que les enfants puissent partager leur quotidien avec la fierté dans leurs yeux! J’adore aussi la facilité avec laquelle les familles et moi pouvons échanger.”

– Chantal P, Enseignante, Québec

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