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The Learning Experience Platform that Transforms Primary Instruction

Trusted and loved by 1.4 million educators, pupils, and families in the United Kingdom – Seesaw offers a suite of award-winning instructional tools, teaching resources, family engagement tools, and curricula for teachers to deliver joyful, inclusive instruction.

Through interactive lessons, digital portfolios, and two-way communication features, Seesaw keeps everyone in the learning loop by providing continuous visibility into the pupil’s learning experience.


Achieving Educational Equity: A Practical Guide for Reaching Every Pupil

During this session, our UK-based panelists share their actionable strategies on how to create access to learning through STEM-based and creative instruction to boost achievement.

Major Investments in Seesaw for UK/EU Customers Coming September 2024

Optimised for Performance

Building on our commitment to security, local access to data and existing GDRP compliance,  all in-country UK-based paid users will have their data stored and processed in London resulting in significant performance improvement and continued customer trust.

Seesaw keeps everyone in the learning loop

Instructional Tools


Supply teachers with premium instructional tools and content that make high quality instruction more accessible and engaging for primary learners.

Multimodal Tools
Empower pupils with multimodal tools that foster creative expression and active, hands-on lessons that encourage discovery and exploration.
Inclusive Communication Tools


Engage families as partners in the learning journey with inclusive communication tools that create a network of support by keeping everyone in the learning loop.

Inclusive Communication Tools

Instructional Leaders

Equip instructional leaders with deep learning insights and progress monitoring to make data-driven decisions.

Privacy and Security are our top priorities

  • We use security and encryption best practices to safeguard personal data, including regular 3rd party security audits
  • We are transparent about how we collect and handle personal data
  • We never sell your data or advertise 3rd party products in Seesaw
  • We don’t own the content you create in Seesaw and pupil work is private by default

We are GDPR and UK GDPR compliant

As a certified participant in the EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework & the UK-U.S. Data Bridge, Seesaw provides a level of protection for personal data received from companies in the EU and UK that is GDPR and UK GDPR compliant.


Learn how UK Teachers are Finding Success with Seesaw

Wendy Brandse, Early Childhood Class Teacher in Cobham, UK, uses Seesaw to foster a deeper connection between families and their child’s education.

Tom Mullins

Manchester, UK Instructional Technology Coach Tom Mullins and his colleagues use Seesaw to help pupils find their voice and express themselves.

Jon Kitchin

Jon Kitchin, Computing Teacher and head of Digital Strategy in Oxford, UK, uses Seesaw to foster creativity and engagement with Year 4 science pupils.

What Others Are Saying

“The range of media that is supported makes Seesaw very inclusive and gives every pupil an opportunity to showcase their understanding.”

– Michael Johnson, Principal Teacher, Birkhill, Scotland

“My pupils have really enjoyed creating portfolios of work across the academic year.”

– Kim McGuinnity, Year 6 Teacher, Basingstoke, England

“Being able to share the learning experiences and events in the classroom with families in real-time has been so beneficial.”

– Kirsty Hrabovsky, Head Teacher, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Seesaw lessons and activities

Lessons aligned to UK Standards and Curricula

  • Present to Class mode brings whole-class instruction to life.
    Edit Seesaw content or create your own to meet the unique needs of your classroom.
  • Organise your lessons in the School or Multi-school group Library to incorporate the power of Seesaw
  • Planning is easy with schedule ahead and due dates
  • Easily add co-teachers to class to provide pupils collaborative support

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