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Canada Privacy Acts

Privacy Policy

Review Seesaw’s Privacy Policy: This outlines the types of information we collect, how we collect it, and how that information is used or disclosed by us.


Review Seesaw’s: These are partner companies that help us provide our services. Opt into the RSS feed to be notified of updates.

Keeping Data Safe

Understand how Seesaw keeps your data safe: Review Seesaw’s Privacy Promises and security practices.

Data Storage

Regional Data Storage: To have your data stored in Canada, please contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM). Only available for paid school subscriptions.

Parental Consent

If relying on parental consent to collect student data, obtain parental consent before adding students to Seesaw: You can find a sample parental consent form here.

Legal Notices

Ensure all administrators who require receipt of legal notices create a Seesaw account: Seesaw provides legal notices like updates to our Privacy Policy to all Seesaw teachers and administrators.

Seesaw has received the following internationally-recognized awards for its security and data privacy commitments

Student Privacy Pledge 2020 Signatory
Top Pick for Learning - common sense education
Cyber Essentials Badge


*The information provided is intended as informational resources and is not legal advice. Customers should consult their Privacy Officer or legal counsel to ensure compliance before using Seesaw.

Frequently Asked Questions

Seesaw has always taken a privacy-first approach and prioritized the best interest of students to create a safe space to learn online. We are conscious of the entire privacy life cycle and we take a privacy-by-design approach with the collection, use and disclosure of data, quality of data, security of data, individuals’ access to data, corrections, complaints, and the destruction of data that is no longer required. You can read more about Seesaw’s privacy commitments here.

Yes, PIPEDA has minimum requirements to allow the transfer of data out of Canada. Requirements include that the receiving party has adequate security and privacy protections in place. Seesaw takes steps to protect data from Canadian customers. You can read more about our security measures here.


No, Seesaw never uses or sells your personal information to market third-party products. We have no interest in advertising third-party products or services in Seesaw. Our business model is straightforward: we charge schools and districts for optional, additional features on top of our free product.


Cookies are small text files that we transfer to your web browser that allow us to identify your web browser and store information about your account. We use these cookies to keep you logged into Seesaw, customize your Seesaw experience, understand how you use Seesaw, and promote Seesaw to relevant teachers and schools. You can choose to remove or disable cookies via your browser settings. Please be aware that Seesaw may not work properly if you disable or decline all cookies.


Seesaw uses a handful of third-party subprocessors – other companies that provide software services that help us do business. A list of our subprocessors can be found here. Subscribe to the RSS feed to get updates when we make changes to this list.


You can find more information about Seesaw’s subprocessors and the data they access here.


Account Information: When you create an account on Seesaw we collect your name, email address, password, and optional profile picture. Seesaw may also collect your phone number if you enter it in your Account Settings. Teachers using Seesaw may add a Family Member’s email or phone number to Seesaw in order to send messages or updates about school work. We do not collect student phone numbers.

Students are not permitted to create an account by themselves but must be invited to a Seesaw class by a teacher or school administrator. Where students have permission to use Seesaw, Seesaw collects personally identifiable information that is necessary to provide the Service, including a student’s name, email address, and optional profile picture. This information may be entered by a teacher or the student or populated from the student’s account with a third-party sign-in service, such as their Google account.

Users can make changes to their profile, messaging preferences, and other account details in Account Settings.

Journal Content: Seesaw collects content that is added to a class or student journal. This content may include photos, audiovisual content (including from your device’s camera, microphone, or photo/video library), drawings, files, notes, hyperlinks, and other ways of documenting student learning. We regularly add types of information that can be uploaded to a Journal, and these are all covered by this Policy. We also collect comments on posts in the class and student journals, including text and voice recordings. Journal Content that is uploaded by a student or teacher may be considered a student education record as defined by FERPA.

Messages: Seesaw collects all messages that are sent and received in Seesaw. Messages may include text, audio, video, photos, drawings, files, notes, hyperlinks, or other information.

Activities: Teachers may use Seesaw to create activities to use with their students. Activities may include text or voice instructions for how to complete the activity, an example of a correct response, or a template for students to edit.

Activity Author Profiles: Teachers who choose to publish their activities to the Community Activity Library or the Activity Library managed by their school or district can also create an Activity Author Profile. This includes the name and profile picture they choose to publish on their Author Profile, as well as their school name and location.

Communications: Seesaw collects any information you send to us directly, such as email, phone, or chat communications, or through your responses to our optional surveys.

Information from your Google Account or other Third-Party Sign-in Service: Seesaw allows school administrators, teachers, Family Members, and students (after being invited by a teacher) to sign up for and log into our service using a Google or Clever Account. Teachers can also create student accounts on behalf of students in their class. When you create a Seesaw account using one of these Third-Party Services, we use the name, profile picture, and email address (if available) provided by these services. Seesaw does not share your information with these services.

Log Data: When you use Seesaw or visit our website, we receive log data such as your IP address, cookie identifiers, browser type, operating system, device information and identifiers, and your mobile carrier. In addition, we may receive or collect additional information such as the referring web page, referring search terms, pages visited, and other information about your interactions with Seesaw.

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