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Data Processing Agreement


We make it easy for Seesaw customers to sign and submit our Data Processing Agreement (DPA). The DPA helps meet onward transfer requirements under the GDPR and is pre-signed by Seesaw. Click the buttons above to download the DPA or the UK Addendum, and email a signed copy to

If you have any questions about the DPA, please see our DPA FAQ resource or contact us at

Note: This DPA will only be effective (as of the Effective Date) if executed and submitted according to the instructions in the DPA.

Note to UK Customers: We have updated our Data Processing Agreement to incorporate the UK’s international data transfer addendum to the European Commission’s standard contractual clauses (“EU SCCs”) for international data transfers (“UK Addendum”). This update allows customers to use the EU SCCs for transfers of personal data from the UK to non-adequate countries.

Customers are required to implement the UK Addendum into their contracts by either September 22, 2022 for new agreements signed on or after that date, or have until March 21, 2024 for existing agreements. To incorporate the UK Addendum into customer contracts, our UK customers may choose to execute a new DPA, or simply sign the UK Addendum.

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