PreK-6 students using Seesaw in the classroom

Ready-to-teach lessons for PreK-6

The Seesaw Lesson Library contains thousands of standards-aligned, evidence-based lessons across core and secondary subject areas including literacy, english-language development, math, STEM, history, character-building, computer science, and more.

Standards-Aligned Supplemental Curricula for PreK-6

Seesaw’s ready-to-teach supplemental curricula and multimodal learning tools are designed to meet the developmental needs of elementary students.



Enhance classroom learning with engaging, interactive Seesaw lessons that support any instructional setting.

Multimodal Tools

Multimodal Tools

Amplify student voice and provide learners with a range of options that give teachers a window into student comprehension.

Ready to Teach

Ready to Teach

Organize, schedule, and assign lessons to a whole class, small groups, or individual students.

Seesaw Library Series Overview & Navigation Video
Play Video about Seesaw Library Series Overview & Navigation Video

Seesaw Library Overview & Navigation Video

Explore Lessons

Numbers in Space

Numbers in Space

Discover number sense for out-of-this-world confidence in math

Phenomenal Phonics

Phenomenal Phonics

Dive into fun and engaging phonics lessons with Seesaw

Word Detectives

Word Detectives

The search is on for vocabulary adventures in everyday life

Strengthen What You’re Already Doing

Whether you are looking for foundational skills, specialized focuses, or daily routines, we have you covered!

  • Daily Routines
  • Early Literacy
  • ELA
  • Books
  • Math
  • Character Building
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Language Development
  • Motor Development
  • Lessons in Spanish
  • Summer Learning

Find lessons that support your daily classroom instructional routines.

  • Whole Group Instruction: Utilize the Present to Class feature to introduce or review concepts with your students, facilitate discussion, and model work to provide scaffolded support
  • Centers & Stations: Lessons and games can be assigned to student groups to provide opportunities to practice skills through digital or hands-on activities
  • Independent Practice: Assign lessons directly to students and allow them to show their comprehension of a topic through voice, drawing, screen recordings, images, text and more.

Lessons can be assigned to meet students where they are. Assignment flexibility allows teachers to provide additional practice or opportunities for enrichment as students and groups work to master skills.

Formative assessments are built into lessons to provide teachers with real-time feedback to evaluate students understanding. Teachers can quickly assess students needs, provide actionable feedback and adapt their instruction.

  • Lessons include audio instructions in both English and Spanish to support students as they progress through lessons
  • Visual cues allow pre-readers to navigate lessons with ease
  • Students have opportunities to showcase their understanding through activities that support multiple learning styles
  • Digital and hands-on opportunities are baked into lessons to provide students with a balanced experience

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