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Multimodal Tools

Putting Student Voice and Choice First

Intuitive and open-ended, Seesaw’s multimodal tools empower students of all ages to build, reflect, and show what they know.

Intuitive Multimodal Tools

Students become creators with tools that support instructional best practices. Support accessibility, increase engagement, and build future-ready skills.

Screen Recording

Screen Recording

Audio, video, and screen recording make thinking visible.

Photo Capture

Photo Capture

Photos easily capture hands-on learning.

File Upload

File Upload

Upload files and build portfolios to track growth and proficiency in one place.



Show learning with photo, video, audio, and more in designated spaces within lessons.

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Watch How Students Use Seesaw to Make Learning Visible

With Seesaw, Teachers can...

Spark connections and build brain power

Multimodal tools help students express learning in different ways—leading to deep and transferable understanding.

Support intuitive and engaging experiences for all learners

Students in all grade levels and of varying abilities can show what they know in the way that works best for them. When students feel confident in demonstrating their knowledge, they thrive.

Capture growth and meaningful insights at all stages

Seesaw captures all stages of learning—creating opportunities for reflection and goal setting that support a growth mindset. Students build agency while teachers gain valuable instructional insights.

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Multimodal Learning Fosters Creativity, Meaningful Expression, and the Art of Iteration

High-quality instruction requires powerful and accessible learning tools designed for young learners. Seesaw’s multimodal tools enable students with various learning modalities, abilities, and disabilities to engage and demonstrate fundamental skills, including:

  • Creative expression and communication
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Collaboration and connection
  • Iterative thinking

Multimodal Tools Promote Student Choice and Make Thinking Visible

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