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Seesaw Pioneers

A community of educators who know how to use Seesaw and are ready to level up. They get inspired by expert educators, gather ideas to support instruction, and stay in the loop about all things Seesaw.

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Seesaw Ambassadors

A community of educators selected to shine as Seesaw leaders in their schools. They inspire colleagues, share insights with the Seesaw team, and grow their professional network.

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Seesaw Certified Educators

Passionate advocates with years of Seesaw leadership. They partner closely with the Seesaw team to inspire educators globally.

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Certified Educators

Are You Ready to Become a Seesaw Pioneer?

3 Easy Steps to Become a Seesaw Pioneer

The Seesaw Pioneer course is FREE, on-demand, and only 45 minutes. Get started by following the directions below:

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Seesaw Teacher Facebook Group

Join our Facebook group to ask questions, gain ideas, and connect with Seesaw educators.

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The Facebook groups give me new tips & ideas to share with my colleagues. When I have questions I know can turn to my Seesaw community!

Adrienne Jimerson, 2nd Grade Teacher

Frequently Asked Questions

Begin your journey by taking the 45-minute course to become a Pioneer.

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Once you join our communities, you become a Seesaw leader at your school. Some of the things you might be doing include:

  • Welcome Seesaw employees to observe your classroom
  • Hosting a professional development training at your school
  • Helping educators at your school fit Seesaw into their weekly plans
  • Meet with Seesaw employees to give feedback on new launches
  • Beta test Seesaw features
  • Hosting a Seesaw meetup

And so much more!

We are so happy to hear that you want to become a Seesaw Ambassador. If your school has less than 5 Ambassadors, you can ask your administrator to nominate you.

  • The Seesaw team also hand selects Pioneers to level up monthly. To be considered by the Seesaw team, you must:
  • Be a Seesaw Pioneer for 3+ months
  • Led a Seesaw PD or share about Seesaw regularly on social
  • Completed 5+ courses in the Community Learning Hub
  • Use Seesaw weekly
  • Your school is in need of an Ambassador
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