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School and district subscriptions are available for purchase by your administrator and unlock unlimited access to powerful teaching, learning, and communication tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Combine the time savings of auto-grading with the power of multimodal tools to get deeper insights into student learning and provide targeted support and guide instruction with multiple choice, true/false, polls, and drag & drop questions.

Any activity scheduled before the end of your trial will still be assigned on the selected date. Phew!

Get more time back throughout the week, while ensuring students and families receive information at the perfect time.

Easily see student scores on formative assessments and completed assignments captured and organized in one place. Skills created or tagged during the trial will be view only. Sad face.

If you saved or created more than 100 activities during your trial, you need to delete some before you can add more.

As always, you can assign already created multipage activities, and students will be able to respond to them.

Existing drafts can be edited, but students cannot save new posts as drafts.

You cannot add additional co-teachers, but co-teachers added during the trial will stay. Don’t worry, we won’t break up the band.

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Introducing Seesaw Lessons

Plus, Get Full Access to the Seesaw Library

Seesaw’s supplemental curriculum reinforces core subjects and skills with everything you need to meet students where they are – ready to go in Seesaw!

School and district subscriptions include access to 6,000+* engaging, high-quality activities in the Seesaw Library. Just one more reason to get Seesaw for your school.

*Total of all curriculum collections. Access to collections varies by subscription type.

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