Elementary Learners

Meet the Unique Needs of Elementary Learners

School and district subscriptions unlock unlimited access to powerful tools for high-quality instruction, portfolio-based assessment, and communication centered on learning.


Simplify Sitewide Adoption with Admin Tools

The Seesaw Admin Dashboard equips you to get the experience you want and the results you need.

  • Seamless set up – Roster all classes at once, including convenient LMS and SIS integrations.
  • Actionable analytics – Get insights into teacher, student, and family engagement to inform school and district goals.
  • Centralized materials – Save teachers time by sharing digital curriculum in on place.
  • Year-over-year connection – Learning lives in a streamlined portfolio, and families only have to sign up once.
Site-wide adoption
Site-wide adoption

Take the Lift Off Teachers with High-Quality Lessons

Seesaw’s supplemental curriculum reinforces core subjects and skills. Give teachers everything they need to meet students where they are – ready to go in Seesaw!

  • Foundational math and ELA, including early literacy
  • STEAM and Computer science
  • Classroom routines and community building
  • and more!

Why Take Seesaw District Wide?

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Build Upon What You're Already Doing

Seesaw integrates with popular LMS and SIS platforms for a streamlined experience, including Canvas, Google Classroom, Clever, and ClassLink.

Privacy Is Our Top Priority

Learn about our compliance with FERPA, GDPR, and other regulations. We’ll walk you through our longstanding privacy practices in our Privacy Center.


Simplify Districtwide Adoption

We’re here to make this your smoothest rollout to schools and classrooms. Find answers to common questions in the Help Center. Explore free on-demand trainings in the Learning Hub. Or join us for a live event!

Help Center

Help Center

Learning Hub

Learning Hub

Webinar and Events

Webinar and Events

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I don't say this lightly... Seesaw has been an absolute game changer for teachers.

Eric LeMoine, Beaverton School District

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