Amy Burns’ Success Story

In elementary music class, students’ musical growth can be seen through video and audio examples. Before Seesaw, this meant that families and caregivers would attend a concert. However, the concert was the finished product and it was challenging to showcase how much the students grew to get to the point where they had the confidence to perform. With Seesaw connected to the students’ families, their growth and musical development are showcased in a way that everyone can see the process, progress, and growth.

Can you put yourself into a young child’s shoes who would enter music class afraid to sing? As much as I would make the classroom inviting for this child, they feared singing in front of others. What could I do to help this student? Seesaw was the answer. The child was afraid to sing in front of others. However, if I asked them to sing to their device using Seesaw, their fears subsided. And I could listen to them and send them back inspiring messages. As time went on, this child’s fear dissipated and they ended up singing a solo in front of their classmates. We all cheered them on and I was so pleased to see this child overcome their fear and feel musically successful.

What could I do to help this student? Seesaw was the answer.

Amy Burns

Amy Burns

Music Teacher

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