Cara Pavek’s Success Story

Seesaw Messages is my go-to tool for family engagement, specifically communication. In this post-COVID world, when families can be overwhelmed with too many usernames and passwords, I love that Seesaw provides them with one place to go to know what’s going on at school. Not only can they interact with their child’s learning through the journal, Seesaw Messages allows them to receive school updates, and newsletters, ask questions quickly, and more. As a teacher, having all my parent-teacher communication documented in one place makes it simple to locate anything. Seesaw Messages is the BEST tool!

This is what a parent told me in a conference a couple of years after we began using Seesaw across grade levels: “Last year, our daughter’s Seesaw posts showed a very sad little girl. They always sounded like she was crying or nervous. This year, she sounds like she is having so much fun. Even when it is an assessment, [our daughter] sounds so happy and that makes ME happy. It makes my workdays less stressful when I get those happy posts in the middle of the day. I’m not worrying about her like I did. Thank you for everything you are doing for our daughter.” Man, I love Seesaw!

I love that Seesaw provides them with one place to go to know what's going on at school.

Cara Pavek

Cara Pavek

First Grade Teacher

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