Justin Huntley’s Success Story

I am a proponent of Seesaw because of the student voice. You know, parents don’t necessarily want to hear that principal’s message, they don’t want to read through all of the pieces and parts, you know, we got my teachers at the elementary or my daughter’s they sent stuff home every Friday, and you know, it became the newspaper, to me, it came every day. And if there was something catchy, I looked at it, if not, you know it, you know, I didn’t really pay attention. And I didn’t ask my student about it, either. I just looked at it. And that was the end of it. Whereas with Seesaw, I think the power is I get to hear my kid narrate what they’re learning in the classroom. You know, whether that’s over the top of the picture that they’ve taken, or they’re doing an actual video, and I’m listening to that, watching that. I’m gonna watch that, you know, I’m gonna be tied right into that, you know, I’m not gonna get tired of hearing my kid with that little short video clip, talk, you know, so and I’m going to share that share with the person next to me, Oh, look at my kid, you know, it’s, it’s the dad pulling out their wallet, pictures, you know, but it’s, it’s, Hey, here’s my kid, look what my kids doing. You know, I, I just, I can’t stress enough how important I think that tool is.

And, the other piece I think it does, is because I have that window into the classroom when my student gets home. And I asked them, I’m not asking them, hey, what do you do today? And I’m gonna get the answer to nothing. You know, that’s the classic answer, right? And then you have to probe and pull teeth to figure out what they did in class today. No, I got to see exactly what they did in class today. And I’m going to ask that specific question. You know, oh, I got to watch your video today. You know, tell me about that. And they’re gonna get excited as well, because, you know, you saw something they did. So it just takes the barriers down. It takes those, you know, the curtains off the window, I can see what it is that they’re doing every day.

It allows families to see and hear directly from their students about what they are learning and doing in class.

Justin Huntley

Justin Huntley

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