Katherine Hurlbert’s Success Story

Seesaw helped me turn the page in my effectiveness as a teacher, starting back in 2014 when I began my journey using it. I would work really hard to teach engaging lessons, and students would nod and smile, and I thought they understood, but often, they just did not grasp the content or were unable to apply the skills. It was incredibly hard for me to determine where the breakdowns in understanding or application occurred when assessing a whole class with paper and pencil activities. When I started using Seesaw, it significantly aided me in understanding a student’s thought process and identifying where the issues lay. This provided me with powerful insights that I could then use to diagnose misunderstandings and make decisions about how to help a student progress. It allowed me to be the best teacher I could be in meeting students’ instructional needs.

Seesaw was a game changer for my effectiveness in my work with students.

Katherine Hurlbert

Katherine Hurlbert

Instructional Technology Specialist

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