4 Ways to Extend the Seesaw Canvas

Seesaw student working on sight words

Seesaw’s creative canvas is truly one of a kind, and at the core of this engaging learning space is Seesaw’s intuitive multimodal tools. Designed for young learners, Seesaw’s multimodal learning tools allow students to capture photos, videos, recordings, drawings, and more – all on the same canvas.

Like every digital tool, there is limit to the amount of space you have to work with. Did you know you can extend the Seesaw canvas to allow for even more learning?

Gif showing how to access Page Settings within the Seesaw canvas

How to Lock the Seesaw Canvas Size

The default Seesaw canvas is freeform. It adjusts to fit whatever device you’re using. Recently, Seesaw updated the canvas with new Page Settings. Now, teachers can choose the canvas size that’s perfect for their content needs. Page settings now allow you to choose a a canvas locked to a specific size, either 16:9 or 4:3 – opening new, unique ways to use the canvas.

Here are 4 ways to expand the Seesaw canvas

Gif showing how to use Seesaw Canvas's "Pull-In Content" to drag and drop content1. EXPAND THE CANVAS WITH PULL-IN CONTENT

To add pull-in content, set your canvas to 4:3. After locking the canvas using page settings, you can now interact with content like never before.You can add content that can be moved on and off the canvas. This means you can offer different options, additional practice problems, or opportunities for extension without taking up precious canvas space. It’s like multiplying the creative canvas!With pull-in content, learning is even more interactive and engaging than ever before.

Gif showing how to use Seesaw Canvas's "Pull-In Scaffolds" feature2. SUPPORT DIVERSE LEARNERS WITH PULL-IN SCAFFOLDS

Not only does pull-in content create interactive experiences that increase engagement and critical thinking, it can also be used to support learning needs by offering scaffolds that students can access independently if they need them.

You might offer:

  • Pull-in word bank or definition of key vocabulary
  • Pull-in hints to help students access rigorous content
  • Pull-in exemplar or rubric
  • and more!

The support that is shown here is a series of sample answers that students can leverage to check the rest of their assignments. These supports are always optional, but provide tools that equip every student to successfully complete their work.

Gif showing Seesaw Canvas's "Move" Tool capabilities3. UP THE INTERACTIVITY TO REINFORCE SKILLS

Simply removing the thought that content must stay inside the canvas at all times allows us to rethink what learning experiences can look like on Seesaw.

Here you can see an extended text box (or Label) that extends off the canvas. Students use the Move tool to pull the text box and reveal the series of letters, giving them additional opportunities to practice in a fun, interactive way.

Gif showing a word generator that students can interact with on the Seesaw canvas


Simulations are another powerful way to stretch the Seesaw canvas. Simulations tap into students’ natural curiosity while allowing them to be owners of their understanding.

In this example, you can see the CVC word generator that stretches the canvas vertically.

With no limits, students move letters to make unique combinations of letters and practice sounding out the word. Students will love finding fun and silly word combinations that engage them in practicing early literacy skills.


When it comes to extending the Seesaw canvas, possibilities are endless.

Use Page Settings to lock the size of the canvas and try out some of these techniques. Provide your students with rich learning experiences inside Seesaw by extending the Seesaw canvas.

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