An Interview with Primary School Teacher Jordan Priestley

We took a field trip to visit Jordan Priestley, a lower elementary teacher in New Zealand. She shared her classroom tips & tricks, how she’s using Seesaw this year, and some fun facts about herself.

Primary Teacher Interactive Whiteboard Seesaw

Pick one word that is your focus or intention this school year.

Jordan: “Balance”

What is your favorite activity to build classroom community during the first week of school?

Jordan: “Creating a class set of rules or expectations that we are all accountable for and uphold during the year. Like a treaty that we all sign and reflect back on with our values.”

What is your favorite “teacher hack” or “tip”?

Jordan: “Classroom doorbell for attention!!! Such a lifesaver – press a button and watch them stop!”

How does Seesaw bring learning to life in your classroom?

Jordan: “Makes learning accessible for ALL my students – they can share their learning, respond, create and reflect for their families to see. It helps give purpose to what we are doing and how to use devices in a positive way to create not consume.”

Seesaw Lesson Library

If you were able to have an unlimited amount of something for your classroom, what would it be and why?

Jordan: “An unlimited supply of whiteboard pens and glue sticks – I swear kids eat them 😊”

What are your tips to build relationships with families at the start of the school year?

Jordan: “Open door policy where families can come in and chat any time. Creating the relationships, reaching out, sending emails, joining them onto Seesaw and getting them involved. Having open mornings where they can come in and see the classroom.” 

How do you use Seesaw to connect with families?

Jordan: “Every day sharing of our work, goal setting, reflections, reporting, conversations, updates, newsletters and more.” 

Share one Seesaw goosebumps moment. Was there a time learning was captured on Seesaw that gave you goosebumps?

Jordan: “When one of my little 5 year olds who was new to school and had yet to talk to me really; could confidently take a video of his writing and then add on a selfie video why he was learning it and what his video was all about. It was incredible and his mum was SUPER impressed!”

Interactive Language Arts Lesson Seesaw

If you could take your students on a field trip to anywhere in the world, where would you take them? And why?

Jordan: “I would take them to Antarctica in the snow – to see the animals and also experience the cold. In Auckland (where we live) it does not snow ever so many of my students have never experienced true cold or snow conditions.” 

What would your students be surprised to find out about you?

Jordan: “That I can still do the splits (haha)”

What is the best advice someone ever gave you?

Jordan: “Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do something.”

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