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The best student-driven digital portfolio

Seesaw makes it easy to capture and show evidence of learning, empowering students to take ownership of their work and celebrate growth with an authentic audience – from PreK-6 grade.

Quickly capture all student learning

Show evidence of student learning with Seesaw’s digital portfolios. Whether a Seesaw activity or not, Capture work done in class, in Seesaw, or outside of Seesaw – all in one central place.

Learning Captured
Seesaw Keeps Everyone In The Learning Loop

Capture Hands-On Learning

Take a photo, video, or audio recording of any assignment – from math manipulatives to science experiments to art projects.

Gather digital learning artifacts

Upload tools help capture any assignment in Seesaw, where students can reflect on their learning.

Encourage Explanation

Video and screen recording make thinking visible, so teachers can pinpoint student needs and personalize instruction.

Track year-over-year growth

Track year-over-year growth

Seesaw’s digital portfolios follow students for their entire school journey, helping to measure and celebrate development throughout the years.


Empower student ownership

Even the youngest learners can create their own learning portfolios and shape what goes in them – prompting students to self-assess and make connections between their work and learning objectives.

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Capture proficiency beyond traditional assessments

Seesaw makes learning visible. Accessible multimodal tools allow students to demonstrate proficiency beyond traditional assessments, so every student is celebrated and supported along their learning journey.


97% of teachers say Seesaw helps them capture evidence of student learning over time.

Spark Growth

Learn how Seesaw student portfolios can encourage student ownership and spark growth throughout your school or district.

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