Effective Tools for Delivering Instruction
Instructional Design

Effective Tools for Delivering Instruction

Seesaw’s evidence-based curriculum and developmentally appropriate multimodal learning tools support all learners.

Grounded in Research and Designed by Experts

Seesaw equips schools and districts with evidence-based tools to implement Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS), enables educators to apply the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) guidelines for their instruction, and offers structured and explicit literacy instruction based on the Science of Reading research from Dr. Louisa Moats and Wiley Blevins.

Multimodal learning tools that amplify student learning

Aligned to your state and national standards and core curriculum

Present to Class supports a gradual release model and allows teachers to introduce, review and discuss topics

Assign students opportunities to practice concepts and work towards mastery of skills

Connect activities invite students to practice their skills with real-world application prompts and activities

Formative assessments provide teachers with quick insights that allow for data driven responsive instruction

Teachers can easily understand how they can incorporate lessons into their daily plans with these supports baked into each lesson:

  • Lesson type tags
  • Duration
  • Printable Lesson plan
  • Student learning objectives

Reimaging Edtech for Early Learners

Our white paper features research and a forward by the CEO of NAEYC with acknowledgements from The LEGO Foundation, ISTE, Digital Promise, CAST, Sesame Workshop, US Dept. of Ed. (DE), and other trusted industry leaders.
Early learners have unique needs and are at a critical stage in development. Therefore is important to design and implement technology to meet their unique needs through learning environments that are connected, inclusive, and joyful to ensure a solid foundation for learning and success in the future.

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Watch How Students Use Seesaw to Make Learning Visible

Seesaw's Creative Canvas

Students choose HOW to show what they know.

Seesaw app's creative canvas screen

Gain Deeper Insights

student pointing to screen on laptop

Promote student agency with voice & choice

Seesaw’s multimodal tools allow students to share their comprehension in a way that resonates with them. Students can use their voice, drawings, recording, pictures, videos and more to take teachers and families along on their learning journey.

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Support intuitive and engaging experiences for all learners

Seesaw’s tools are intuitive and open-ended. Students in all grade levels and of varying abilities are empowered to show what they know in the way that works best for them. When students feel confident in demonstrating their knowledge, they thrive

student holding laptop with Seesaw platform

Capture growth and meaningful insights at all stages

Seesaw captures all stages of learning—creating opportunities for reflection and goal setting that support a growth mindset. As students capture their learning, teacher gain valuable instructional insights allowing them to be responsive to students needs

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