Message Code of Conduct

Seesaw Messages empowers school administrators, teachers, families, and students to communicate and build community by working together to promote student learning and achievement. Everyone plays an important part in keeping the Seesaw community safe. To do so, keep the following in mind as you use Messages.

Messages code of conduct
Seesaw Keeps Everyone In The Learning Loop

Be Respectful and Appropriate

Profanity, bullying, harassment, violence, and explicit content are not allowed. Carefully consider the content of your messages before sending them. Note that administrators can view all messages within their school community, and conversation owners can also remove inappropriate messages and participants from conversations.

Messages Should Be Centered Around Education

Seesaw Messages should be used to support student learning and achievement, and features are intended for educational purposes only.

Messages Should Be Sent Thoughtfully

Messages should be relevant and valuable for recipients, and spamming participants is not allowed. Consider the frequency and content of messages sent, especially to large groups. If you find that a topic is not relevant to the entire class, creating a smaller group conversation is encouraged.

This is meant to be a guide for conduct when using Seesaw Messages and is not intended to be an exhaustive list. If you believe that someone has violated this code of conduct, please notify your administrator or teacher. If additional support is needed, please contact us at Seesaw reserves the right to remove inappropriate content and close accounts that violate the Code of Conduct or our Terms of Service.

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