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Auto-graded Formative Assessments

New! Auto-Graded Formative Assessments

Combine the time savings of auto-grading with the power of multimodal tools to get deeper insights into student learning and provide targeted support and guide instruction.



Empowers students to engage in learning and show what they know with valuable feedback from teachers and their families.

Do More With One App

Schedule Activities

Provides families with continuous visibility into their child’s learning experience to support and celebrate their learning.

Schedule Messages

New! Schedule Messages and Announcements

Presents administrators with deep insights into student learning to support teachers and communicate effectively with families.

Office Hours


Learning doesn’t happen in one sitting. Learning on Seesaw doesn’t have to either. Students click Draft to save work in progress and build upon learning over multiple days.

Messages-sharing Shortcuts

New! Progress Dashboard

Imagine all student learning related to a standard, including formative assessment scores, captured and organized in one place. That’s Progress! Bonus: It’s color coded.


More Co-Teachers

It takes a village. Invite your go-to team to your Seesaw class and facilitate seamless support for all students.

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