Caitlin Murphy’s Success Story

What a difference to be able to show our parents or to show our learners and they can see how far they’ve come in a year from just tracking using the video or the voice tools. And that’s why you love that Seesaw in the portfolios. So what we love about it, our students are able to use their voice. They’re able to capture their own learnings, not just a stagnant number. They are hearing the difference.

They also have agency, they’re able to own their learning. They can use it for goal setting And that’s what’s most powerful. Our kids are able to listen to themselves and say I can do better, and that’s really powerful. And we also see an increase in our student performance. It’s no longer just something that’s living on a teacher tracker, it’s for our students as well. They’re able to track themselves and learn.

Students have agency, they're able to own their learning.

Caitlin Murphy

Caitlin Murphy

Instructional Tech Specialist

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