Joni Quintavalle’s Success Story

Our PreK and K teachers did a design thinking project where the goal was to redesign what good teaching looks like. Out of that design endeavor the teachers invented an app that was all about how great it would be if we could show parents what and how our kids are learning. Parents could go to this app and they could see examples of kids doing something and teachers showing how to do it. That was our app invention! But, we couldn’t really create an app, and we realized there’s this app called Seesaw that already does much of what we’re talking about — so we thought, let’s look at that instead! That’s when we started a pilot of Seesaw for Schools and of course, it went well.

We can share information, celebrate learning, highlight school experiences, and provide a glimpse of progress and successes to families.

Joni Quintavalle

Joni Quintavalle

Technology Integrationist

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