Melissa Sheffer’s Success Story

Family Communication
With Seesaw, our students could showcase their work in ways we hadn’t imagined before. Photos, videos, and written assignments came to life on this platform, allowing for a comprehensive view of their progress. Not only that, but Seesaw also opened up seamless communication channels between students, parents, and teachers. The parents loved seeing their children’s work firsthand and engaging in meaningful conversations about their progress.

“Seesaw has become more than just a tool; it is a source of support and inclusivity for these families.”

Digital Portfolios
Seesaw’s digital portfolios have touched the lives of split or unconventional student families. It has allowed parents and guardians to actively engage in their child’s education, regardless of physical distance. Through the platform, families can share photos, videos, and written assignments, fostering a sense of connection and involvement. By providing a virtual community, Seesaw has empowered split or unconventional student families to participate in their child’s learning journey and create meaningful connections.

The impact was astounding! With Seesaw, our students could showcase their work in ways we hadn't imagined before.

Melissa Sheffer

Melissa Sheffer

Fifth Grade Teacher

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