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Seesaw offers a suite of award-winning tools, resources, and curriculum with interactive lessons, digital portfolios, and two-way communication features that provide continuous visibility into the student’s learning journey to support and celebrate their learning.


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Seesaw Keeps Everyone in the Learning Loop

Seesaw keeps everyone in the learning loop by connecting teachers, administrators, students, and families to support each child’s learning journey from PreK through 6th grade.



Equips teachers with high-quality instructional resources that make thinking visible to support and give feedback to students and families.

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Empowers students to engage in learning and show what they know with valuable feedback from teachers and their families.

Family Engagement


Provides families with continuous visibility into their child’s learning experience to support and celebrate their learning.

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Presents administrators with deep insights into student learning to support teachers and communicate effectively with families.

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Supplement Your Core Curriculum and Beyond

The Seesaw Library is filled with lessons to support core instruction, acceleration, remediation and differentiated learning. Ready-to-teach lessons built with Seesaw’s engaging multimodal learning tools help educators deliver evidence-based, standards-aligned instruction. Lessons include everything educators need to teach with confidence, including:

  • Scope and Sequence
  • Lesson Plans
  • Assessments
  • Standards Alignment
  • Answer Keys
  • Printable Handouts
  • Instructional Resources
  • Practice Activities

Multimodal Learning

Seesaw’s award-winning multimodal tools enable joyful learning experiences that foster creative expression and the ability for students to show what they know. With a variety of activity options, students of all ages and abilities are empowered to collaborate with their peers, build and reflect on their knowledge, and share their work in meaningful ways.

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Assessments and Insights

Assessments and Insights

Simplify data-informed and differentiated instruction with tools to monitor and assess student progress towards standards.

  • Assess reading fluency
  • Identify misconceptions by watching students solve a math problem
  • Record all steps of a science experiment in a performance assessment

Teachers and instructional leaders also gain deep insights through the progress dashboard which provides formative assessment scores, activity completion, and proficiency ratings — all in a single view.

  • Capture evidence of learning
  • Measure student growth over time
  • Determine next steps for differentiated learning
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Differentiated Instruction

Make learning accessible with multimodal tools that enable teachers to scaffold instruction with audio, video, visuals and more to meet the diverse needs of their students. Foster culturally-responsive classrooms that drive academic growth and language acquisition. Flexible student groups and digital portfolios allow for easy differentiation and opportunities to support IEP/504 accommodations.

Digital Portfolios

Track growth year-over-year from PreK – 6th (and beyond) with Seesaw’s digital portfolios. Whether a Seesaw activity or not, work can be captured for progress monitoring, and to hear student’s reflections on their learning. Portfolios demonstrate proficiency beyond traditional assessments and help support IEP/504 documentation and parent-teacher conferences.

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Family Engagement

Seesaw provides meaningful connections between families and the classroom, allowing family members to view student work on any device and celebrate their child’s learning. Easily share and communicate lessons, activities, and events with your school families in over a 100 languages to foster a seamless collaboration between all the adults in a student’s life.

Curriculum In Action

School & Districts

School and district subscriptions unlock unlimited access to powerful tools for high-quality instruction, portfolio-based assessment, and communication centered on learning.

Individual Teachers

Seesaw’s supplemental curriculum reinforces core subjects and beyond. Give teachers everything they need to meet students where they are. See how other teachers are using Seesaw in powerful ways!

Awards & Recognition

Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence Winner
G2 Award
Digital Promise Learner Variability Badge
Digital Promise Research-Based Design Badge

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