Month: August 2022

Multimodal Learning Strategies that Can Transform Your Instruction

Seesaw student on laptop learning in multimodal ways

Educators innovate to support students in a constantly changing world. Integrating technology into instruction has transformed how educators ignite students’ curiosity, support each student’s unique needs, and prepare students for success through school and beyond. One approach in particular that has transformed instruction with the help of technology is multimodal learning. WHAT IS MULTIMODAL LEARNING? […]

The Secret to Setting a Strong Foundation for Literacy Development

Many schools use benchmark assessments to evaluate beginning of year literacy skills. Young learners are often asked to read aloud to the teacher, while older students demonstrate written and oral comprehension skills. The results are used to inform instruction, create student groups, and plan interventions – important classroom foundations to support literacy development. But here’s […]

Everything You Can Do with Messages to Communicate and Collaborate with Your Entire School Community

Seesaw working on tablets in class

School communities thrive on communication. Seesaw has been a place where teachers, students, and families can come together around learning. Messages makes student-centered communication more flexible and inclusive for all members of your learning community. Everything you loved about communicating on Seesaw is there. Like before, Messages includes class announcements, one-on-one conversations, multimodal attachments, editing messages […]

The Power of Digital Portfolios for Students

Seesaw kids working on tablets

Learning portfolios of the past often took the form of large, overstuffed binders with paper spilling out the sides. Filled with writing assignments, tests, drawings, and packets, they captured student accomplishments at specific points in time – snapshots of their year. Technology transformed portfolios into something more. Over the years, we’ve seen the power of […]

Learn with the Seesaw Expert: PreK and Transitional Kindergarten with Seesaw Library

Our recent Learn with the Expert session featured three Seesaw experts from Seesaws’ curriculum development team including Erin Wakshlag, Deserae Richards, and Melodee Barnes. Erin Wakshlag is the current senior manager of curriculum at Seesaw and a former elementary school teacher and reading interventionist who received her master’s in educational leadership with an administrative credential […]

Seesaw’s Complete Kindergarten Readiness Checklist

Child running to school

Starting kindergarten is an exciting milestone for students and families. Students will be learning new things, in new ways, in new places, and with new people! How do families know when their child is ready for this adventure? Every child develops at their own pace. Yet there are a handful of skills that help students […]

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