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The Power of Making Thinking Visible with Ron Ritchhart

Ron Ritchhart Learn with the Expert

With the changes we have experienced throughout the past few years, the use of thinking routines in schools around the world has become more important than ever. But, that doesn’t mean all educators are implementing them effectively. In this Learn with the Expert webinar, world-renowned educator, researcher, and author of Making Thinking Visible Ron Ritchhart […]

The Aerodynamics of Exceptional Schools: Making Our Schools Extraordinary with Jennifer Gonzalez

Teachers posing before school

Our April Learn with the Expert session featured Jennifer Gonzalez, National Board Certified Teacher, author, and Editor-in-Chief at Cult of Pedagogy. Great ideas and innovative processes aren’t implemented overnight. Not only must administrators and school leaders have the creativity to form these new workflows, they must also have the dedication, problem-solving abilities, and toolbelt necessary […]

When We Partner, Everyone Wins: Family Engagement in Education with Dr. Karen Mapp

Seesaw teacher walking with student and parent to class

Partnerships between school and the home are critical for driving student achievement and school improvement. Yet for many educators, it can be difficult to cultivate and sustain effective family partnerships. In this Learn with the Expert webinar, leading family engagement researcher Dr. Karen Mapp shares why school-home partnerships are so important and how educators can […]

Making Grade-Level Content Engaging and Accessible for English Language Learners

Seesaw student and teacher reading

As students develop proficiency in a new language, research consistently shows the importance of building on the linguistic and cultural assets they bring to the classroom. Differentiating instruction with instructional scaffolds, creating a safe space for student to practice their new language, and providing learning experiences in students’ home language help to recognize these assets […]

From Remediation to Acceleration: Moving Learning Forward

Seesaw Students working to accelerate their learning

After a summer away from the classroom, beginning of year assessments can provide valuable insights into where students are starting their year, setting a baseline for growth and equipping teachers to provide targeted instruction. They can also act as a self-fulfilling prophecy. Where students who come in knowing more, learn more; and students who come […]

Creating a Happy Classroom through Downregulation Strategies and Emotional Resonance

Seesaw happy classroom of elementary students

Our August Learn with the Expert session featured Roni Habib, veteran teacher, founder of EQ Schools, and expert in supporting educators to be happy, resilient, connected, and playful. Like many educators, Roni Habib became a teacher to help kids. In the beginning of his career, his passion often led him to put his students’ needs […]

Multimodal Learning Strategies that Can Transform Your Instruction

Seesaw student on laptop learning in multimodal ways

Educators innovate to support students in a constantly changing world. Integrating technology into instruction has transformed how educators ignite students’ curiosity, support each student’s unique needs, and prepare students for success through school and beyond. One approach in particular that has transformed instruction with the help of technology is multimodal learning. WHAT IS MULTIMODAL LEARNING? […]

The Power of Digital Portfolios for Students

Seesaw kids working on tablets

Learning portfolios of the past often took the form of large, overstuffed binders with paper spilling out the sides. Filled with writing assignments, tests, drawings, and packets, they captured student accomplishments at specific points in time – snapshots of their year. Technology transformed portfolios into something more. Over the years, we’ve seen the power of […]

Learn with the Seesaw Expert: PreK and Transitional Kindergarten with Seesaw Library

Our recent Learn with the Expert session featured three Seesaw experts from Seesaws’ curriculum development team including Erin Wakshlag, Deserae Richards, and Melodee Barnes. Erin Wakshlag is the current senior manager of curriculum at Seesaw and a former elementary school teacher and reading interventionist who received her master’s in educational leadership with an administrative credential […]

Seesaw’s Complete Kindergarten Readiness Checklist

Child running to school

Starting kindergarten is an exciting milestone for students and families. Students will be learning new things, in new ways, in new places, and with new people! How do families know when their child is ready for this adventure? Every child develops at their own pace. Yet there are a handful of skills that help students […]

Summer Learning Activities that Build Skills, Engage Families, and Keep Learning Fun

Mother and Daughter working on School work with Seesaw

When the last bell of the school year rings, students go home to a range of learning resources and opportunities. Educators often wonder, How do we support learning outside school walls? One effective approach is to blend learning experiences into everyday life. The home is a rich, hands-on learning lab just waiting to be tapped! […]

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