Lindsay Yanuzzelli’s Success Story

A few years ago I had a very quiet student. She was so shy, nervous and had a hard time leaving my side during the school day. She had a traumatic incident during summer camp the summer before coming to my class. Her mom was in tears telling me how hard it was to get her to come to school every day because she didn’t want to leave her mom. So, we came up with a plan. Her Mom and Dad downloaded the Seesaw app. Every time this student posted work to Seesaw, the parents would comment. I would see her smile while reading her parent’s comments. It took a lot of commitment from them, but they did not fail to comment on a single assignment their daughter posted, the entire school year. It made her feel connected to her parents while she was away from them and definitely helped ease her anxiety.

Seesaw gets my students actively engaged in their work.

Lindsay Yanuzzelli

Lindsay Yanuzzelli

Second Grade Teacher

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