Tools to Transform Your Classroom

Tools to Transform Your Classroom

Give all students multiple ways to access new concepts and share their learning.

Diverse Learners

Learn how teachers use Seesaw to differentiate instruction by:

  • Adding multimodal scaffolds to lessons
  • Promoting student choice and voice
  • Customizing lessons for individuals or small groups
  • Utilizing skills tracking and portfolios to streamline documentation

Out of 900 teachers surveyed, 95% said Seesaw enables them to differentiate content to meet students' diverse needs

Use Multimodal Tools to Promote Student Voice, Choice, and Accessibility

  • Add audio instructions in addition to text in multiple languages
  • Provide multiple ways – audio, video, text, annotation, drawing, and more – for students to demonstrate understanding
  • Customize Seesaw lessons with multimodal instructions or responses to provide additional support
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UDL Guidelines

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in Action

The UDL guidelines are a tool used to support teachers in providing effective instruction for all students. Learn how Seesaw tools and lessons help teachers put UDL guidelines into action.

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When we’re selecting new tools and curriculum, we look at it through the lens of the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework. Seesaw’s curriculum really supports UDL in the different ways students can learn new concepts, engage with the content, and express their learning.

Marisa Dahl, Digital Learning Consultant, Heartland AEA

Support Multilingual Learners with multiple ways to practice and improve speaking, listening, reading, and writing

  • Students use audio recording, video, and screen recording tools to practice without the pressure of performing in front of others.
  • Audio inputs make grade-level content, complex ideas, and new vocabulary accessible, which drives language acquisition.
  • Portfolios allow reflection and self-review – a powerful learning experience that builds ownership, motivation, and confidence
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Create student groups and assign differentiated activities and lessons to students

Streamline Progress Monitoring, Reporting, and Documentation for Students with IEPs or 504 Plans

Digital Porfolio

Digital Portfolios

Teachers can demonstrate evidence of providing scaffolds and support to students with disabilities with Seesaw’s Digital Portfolios.

Progress Monitoring

Progress Monitoring

Teachers can view assessment scores and proficiency by class or by student to identify opportunities for remediation and additional support.

Seesaw is designated to meet WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines and provide students with versatile tools to express their learning through photos, videos, text, and more. Teachers can deliver instruction through various modes to support pre-readers and visually impaired students, and ensure accessibility for hearing-impaired students and families with features like text labels, captions, and video closed captions.

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