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Look to Seesaw to support your core subjects

Seesaw supports your classroom instruction and makes learning come to life for any subject area.

Ready-to-teach curriculum built for elementary

Seesaw’s PreK-6 supplemental curriculum meaningfully balances online and offline learning while saving teachers time with thousands of ready-to-teach, standards-aligned lessons designed by curriculum experts.



Support differentiation and accessibility with customizable lessons and tools that support all student.


Research-based instructional approaches built into every lesson.


Multimodal tools and multimedia content create lessons engaging for all learners.

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Literacy Instruction that Reaches Every Student

Empower every learner

Build a strong foundation in literacy on the platform that brings together powerful multimodal learning tools, research-based lessons, and inclusive family engagement.

Authentic Practice Promotes Student Voice

Authentic Practice Promotes Student Voice

Easy-to-use voice, video, and screen recording gives students regular, repeated practice speaking and reading aloud.

Activities That Strengthen All Language Domains

Activities That Strengthen All Language Domains

Reading and writing is built upon speaking and listening skills – Seesaw integrates all domains into everyday learning.

Ready-To-Teach Lessons Reinforce Core Skills

Ready-To-Teach Lessons Reinforce Core Skills

Developed by content experts using research-based best practices, Seesaw literacy lessons support effective teaching.

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Set a Strong Foundation with Early Literacy Lessons

Based on the Science of Reading

Seesaw’s ready-to-teach supplemental curriculum reflects the latest research in reading development.

Comprehensive Skill Coverage

The phonemic awareness and phonics practice students need on the platform they love.

Student Voice at the Center

Seesaw’s early literacy lessons encourage speaking, listening, reading, and writing practice.

Powered by Seesaw’s Multimodal Learning Tools

Drawing, voice recording, photo, video, screen recording, and annotating engage students beyond what’s possible with pencil and paper.

Engaging Practice at Every Stage

Ready-to-assign lessons in the Seesaw Library support grades 3-5.

Engaging Writing Prompts

Engaging Writing Prompts

Students will love creative topics that engage students in the writing process and prompt them to create rich stories.

Interactive Books

Interactive Books

Students will love exploring immersive texts about engaging topics and practicing skills they learn about in the text.

Making an Impact in Math

Unlock Mathematical Potential

Holistic Approach to Elementary Math

Develop number sense, support Power Math Standards, facilitate mathematical discussions, and assign daily math review activities.

Deeper Insights into Student Thinking

Develop number sense, support Power Math Standards, facilitate mathematical discussions, and assign daily math review activities.

Support your Core Math Curriculum

Seesaw Math Lessons are an engaging, interactive way to supplement your math curriculum. We have alignments with popular core math curricula and lessons from curriculum partners like Bridges in Mathematics and Math at Home.

Bridges example

Soar Into Social Studies


With Seesaw’s ready-to-teach social studies lessons and multimodal tools, students:

  • Learn about the people, places, and events that shaped the world as we know it.
  • Explore real questions about the world with exploratory and hands-on activities.
  • Become historians as they create journals to share research about geography, economics, government, and history.

Spark Curiosity with Science

Encourage inquisitiveness and exploration with Seesaw’s Science curriculum


NGSS-aligned activities that investigate the natural world through cross-curricular scientific explorations.

Design Thinking

Challenge students to explore real-world questions and topics through the design thinking process.

Project-Based Learning

Seesaw’s open canvas provides students with powerful learning tools to capture exploration and share findings.

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