Resources For Administrators
Resources for Administrators

Technical Steps for Seesaw for Schools

Step 1: Add teachers with existing accounts by email

Add teachers already using free Seesaw to your subscription.

Email Confirmation

First, send teachers this email to confirm they are using their school email for their existing account. This ensures teachers will not lose their Activity Library when they are added.

Interactive Books

Then, in the Teachers tab, click ‘Add Existing Teachers’.

Step 2: Create Classes For Your Teachers and Students

Select your bulk class creation method below for a step-by-step guide. Note: CSV is required for mid-year bulk class creation.

Want to use Google Classroom or have teachers to create their own classes? Follow these steps.







watch How to Create Individual Class

How to Create Individual Class

Step 3: Clean Up Data

Ensure accurate billing and analytics. In the Overview tab under Admin Tools, complete these 2 steps:

Archive Classes

Archive Classes

Archive Student Accounts

Archive Student Accounts

Settings and tools

Click your profile icon top left > Gear icon ⚙️ > Account Settings.

  • Display Name: Change your display name to match the name that students call you. Your display name appears on any messages, comments, or posts you create in Seesaw.
  • Notification Preferences: Toggle on or off email notifications, mobile push notifications, and Seesaw update emails.

On the top right, click the gear icon ⚙️.

Manage School Administrators: Add up to 50 admins to each school dashboard. Note: Anyone added as an admin will have full access to all data and tools.

Schoolwide Settings: Manage class settings on a school level, including enabling or disabling likes, comments, family access, and more.

Messages Settings: Personalize the Messages experience for your school. Determine who administrators, teachers, students, and family members can message.

On the Overview tab on the right side.

Get Family Data and Invite Families: Invite families in bulk. Connecting families on the Family app creates a powerful Learning Loop between teachers, students, and families that supports student achievement.

Get Student Activity Reports: View school-level activity over the past 7 days. (District admin can click this button on their District Dashboard to see district-level activity.)

End the Year with Clever or ClassLink

End of year steps


  • Pause your sync in Seesaw
  • Contact Support
  • Contact Support to make changes to your:
    • Rostering method
    • Email domain(s)
    • District administrators
    • Student Information System (SIS) changes
End of Year CSV Rostering


If Your Rostering Method Is Changing Next Year...

CSV to Clever/ClassLink

CSV to Clever/ClassLink

Clever/ClassLink to CSV

Clever/ClassLink to CSV

Clever to ClassLink or ClassLink to Clever

Clever to ClassLink or ClassLink to Clever

Frequently Asked Questions

District admins manage the Seesaw for Schools subscription for all schools in their district. They can see all data, manage rostering, and have access to both a District Dashboard and the Admin Dashboards for each school. School admin only manage their school and only access the Admin Dashboard for the school they are connected to. Learn more about the Admin Dashboard here.

In School Settings (gear icon top right) click Manage School Administrators.

When teachers create a free Seesaw account, they are prompted to select their school. Teachers do not realize this sends a notification to be added to a school dashboard. Since you are adding teachers with existing accounts via email address, you can ignore these requests.

Before you import teachers with existing accounts, have them check to confirm they are using their school/district email address on their free account. When you import teachers by their school/district email address, you also import any activities they have saved or created. If you need their classes and students transferred to your dashboard, please contact Seesaw Support.

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