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Fun Ways to Use Seesaw at the End of the Year

Seesaw teacher searching the library

Our recent Learn with the Expert session featured Kris Szajner, current partnership manager for Seesaw Learning and former kindergarten teacher and technology integrationist. The last month of school is upon us! Summer is right around the corner, but there’s no need to rush the time away. Instead, now is the perfect opportunity to really make […]

Bring ELA to Life with Story Pirates and Seesaw

Teachers, are you looking for ways to add a spark to writing instruction? Want to foster creative storytelling in your classroom? Seesaw is partnering with Story Pirates to bring fun and engaging ELA learning experiences to you and your students! The Story Pirates aren’t your typical swashbuckling sailors. They don’t steal gold or raid ships. […]

5 Ways to Optimize Your Workflow with Seesaw

Seesaw Curriculum Library

We know time is one of your most valuable resources as a teacher. With so many tasks to complete and students to attend to, it can be game-changing to find ways to make your workflow more efficient. Take a look at a few of the ways Seesaw can help you streamline your workflow and get […]

When We Partner, Everyone Wins: Family Engagement in Education with Dr. Karen Mapp

Seesaw teacher walking with student and parent to class

Partnerships between school and the home are critical for driving student achievement and school improvement. Yet for many educators, it can be difficult to cultivate and sustain effective family partnerships. In this Learn with the Expert webinar, leading family engagement researcher Dr. Karen Mapp shares why school-home partnerships are so important and how educators can […]

Phonics Practice That’s Fun! Original Alphabet Songs from Seesaw

In “How Music Primes the Brain for Learning,” Holly Korbey shares how powerful music in the classroom can be. “Consistent exposure to music” she writes, “strengthens a particular set of academic and social-emotional skills that are essential to learning.” Phonics practice is a perfect opportunity to add music in your classroom! Introducing: Original Alphabet Songs from […]

Celebrate President’s Day in Your Elementary Classroom

Seesaw's Scoop infront of the whitehouse

Celebrating Presidents Day in your classroom is a great way to help your students develop a deeper understanding of American history and its key figures. Presidents Day, which is celebrated on the third Monday in February, provides a great opportunity to teach your students about the history of the presidency, its evolution, and the people […]

Celebrate and Honor Black History Month

Celebrating Black History is important not only in February, but every day. Together, we can recognize and honor the many ways Black people have influenced, inspired, and impacted the world. Here are 3 ideas to celebrate and honor Black History Month in your classroom. With the lessons in the Seesaw Library, students can: interpret data […]

Making Grade-Level Content Engaging and Accessible for English Language Learners

Seesaw student and teacher reading

As students develop proficiency in a new language, research consistently shows the importance of building on the linguistic and cultural assets they bring to the classroom. Differentiating instruction with instructional scaffolds, creating a safe space for student to practice their new language, and providing learning experiences in students’ home language help to recognize these assets […]

Creating a School Culture of Digital Safety

Seesaw students in a computer lab practicing digital safety

Digital safety involves a range of issues, including protecting students from harmful online content, ensuring identifiable information is shared appropriately, preventing unauthorized access to accounts, and more. In our connected world, it takes all members of your community to keep your school safe. Starting with the following practices, schools can work with teachers, students, and […]

3 Ideas to Make Morning Meeting Even Better

Seesaw students completing a morning meeting routine

Morning meeting is an important routine in many elementary classrooms. It can help build community, reinforce concepts and skills from previous days, and support social-emotional development. In the first weeks of school, many teachers focus on establishing a strong morning meeting routine. As students master the basics, you might wonder, “How can I make morning […]

Multimodal Learning Strategies that Can Transform Your Instruction

Seesaw student on laptop learning in multimodal ways

Educators innovate to support students in a constantly changing world. Integrating technology into instruction has transformed how educators ignite students’ curiosity, support each student’s unique needs, and prepare students for success through school and beyond. One approach in particular that has transformed instruction with the help of technology is multimodal learning. WHAT IS MULTIMODAL LEARNING? […]

The Secret to Setting a Strong Foundation for Literacy Development

Many schools use benchmark assessments to evaluate beginning of year literacy skills. Young learners are often asked to read aloud to the teacher, while older students demonstrate written and oral comprehension skills. The results are used to inform instruction, create student groups, and plan interventions – important classroom foundations to support literacy development. But here’s […]

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